Printers in sci, Pendleton, and camp cent are all out of order and the libraries are closed… I’m gonna take it as a sign that I should stop working.


Thesis defense date set: May 12, 2014  9-10am


I’ve been working on my acknowledgements page of my thesis because I’m procrastinating on writing my results section. I started to write the part about my friends and I teared up because I have the greatest friends ever and I cannot believe how short our time together is. I don’t wanna graduate just yet…

Skype interview tomorrow. It’s my first video interview and I’m nervous that it’s gonna be awkward.. And it doesn’t help that I keep imagining the situation being so awkward that my finger impulsively clicks on the “end call” button…. -_-

Phone interview, check!

I got to talk about how cool chemistry of cooking is!! And how neat it would be to integrate science into nutrition/cooking classes for little kiddos in elementary school! A little bit of acids and bases here and there HOW AWESOME 

… The rest of the interview went fine I guess!

Working on my thesis in the multifaith center while listening to jazz. Perfect.

Working on my thesis in the multifaith center while listening to jazz. Perfect.

I want to really ask the question and I think about those things that Diego says when I’m practicing my lines but how can I actually do it? How do I really ask a question? Why can’t I do it?!?

The weirdest thing about acting is that it’s not anything that we don’t already know how to do. We already know how to greet, how to verify, how to defend… we’re just trying to play every day actions but why is that so hard? 

Blood blisters under toenails are the worst.